1956 – A Revolution Worth Remembering

The year 1956 in Hungary is like 1776 in the United States. It is filled with tales of a heroic uprising against the oppressors. Tyranny dominated the goverment, and those who stood against the occupiers risked their lives to try to force them out.

In 1956, thousands of Hungarians — men and women — took on Goliath. Goliath’s name, this time, was the Soviet Union. Unlike the biblical miracle story, this David did not win. However, briefly, they restored Hungary to freedom. Unfortunately, the beast that was the Soviet Union came down to destroy freedom and the people who dared want it.

Under Soviet occupation, the corruption of people and freedom was abound. Heroes of Hungary briefly pushed these oppressors out at the risk of ther lives. When caught, kangaroo courts often led to their execution. 

When the Soviets returned, they were not hesitant to kill those in their way, making martyrs of citizen soldiers, and confinig Hungarians for the next 33 years.

What freedom? Freedom like what they believe, who they pray to, what kinds of jobs they do, where they live, who they can associate with, what they read, and the ability to choose who will run their beloved country. Without this freedom, the Hungarian people suffered.

The churches which remained were forced to be secularized lackeys for the state, manipulating people under the guise of faith. 

The Hungarians wanted this freedom so much that 200,000 people left their homeland to take their chances in Vienna, New York, Paris, Berlin, and London. It was a hard decision to pack a few things, whisper good-bye to a few friends and family, and slip quietly across the border.

Sons and daughters, in search of a better, freer life, left their parents, probably forever. 

The evils bestowed on the Hungarians by the Communists are not well-known to the outside world. Check out the books listed. Read the sweet childhood tales and the harsh pictorial histories, and do not forget.

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