It’s all culture, isn’t it? Here, we emphasize the things which bring people together.

Hungarian Culture. It’s history. It’s faith. It’s food. It’s language. The music, art, architecture — all of it.

To really know Hungary, you should visit. To know culture, you can read about it and do your best to experience it from abroad, but the best way is to walk the soil and breath the air.

Spend a month there if you can. See the sites, of course, and eat in the finest restaurants you can. Then, go to the cafes outside of Budapest. Work your way north to Hollókő, a village with under 400 people. Then, head south by car, meandering to the west. 

Talk with the locals. Sit in on a church service. Wander through a town’s main street, stepping into shops as you will. Buy street food. Enjoy some gelato. Linger in a park. Hop on a train.

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