Budapest & Hungary Travel Pack

Budapest & Hungary Travel Pack (Globetrotter Travel Packs)

​​Great Map, Decent Book

​Thinking about heading out to Hungary? “Globetrotter Travel Pack Budapest and Hungary” by Brian Richards is a good place to start.

The map is why I bought this one. It is big, with a plainly designed appearance. Major roads are shown, but the map maker kept it clean of confusing lines and symbols. Use the mileage chart to get a rough idea of how far cities are from each other. It is 1:600,000. You’ll also get insets of Pecs, Lake Balaton, the Budapest transit system, Keszthely, the Tihany Peninsula, a calendar of major events, and a smattering of factiods and pictures.

The book is for first-time visitors. Read about the basic history, with details about the major sites and why they exist, and information regarding the regions of the country, complete with captioned pictures. Among the more interesting aspects are the sidebars. Joszef Rippl-Ronai, the artist, is in there, as is curious bits about coffee and cake, goulash/gulyas, and a writer’s cafe.

If you are looking for an easy, quick and colorful overview of Hungarian travel, buy this book. It is relatively fresh, as should any book be of that general European region, in light of the economic and social changes.

I fully recommend “Globetrotter Travel Pack Budapest and Hungary” by Brian Richards.

Budapest & Hungary Travel Pack (Globetrotter Travel Packs)
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