Baby Names

Name Gender Meaning
Albin male
Aliz female kind
Arpad male wanderer
Asztrik male made from ashen wood
Atilla male beloved father
Bajnok male victor
Bars male pepper
Becse male the kite
Bela male within, bright
Bence male victor
Beriszl male honor
Bod male branch
Bodor male curly
Boglarka female buttercup
Botond male mace wielding warrior
Csaba male from mythology, sheperd, wanderer
Cseke male puller, carrier
Csenger male
Csepel male young forest
Csombor male
Csongor male hunting bird
Deli male warrior
Domokos male God’s own
Egyed male shieldbearer
Elek male helper and defender of mankind
Emese female Our sweet mother
Farkas male wolf
Firenze male flower
Fodor male curly haired
Folkus male people, famous
Frigyes male peace, might
Gara male goshawk
Gedeon male warrior, devastator
Gerzson male stranger, banished
Gyula male name of a honor
Hont male dogbreeder, friend of dogs
Huba male
Hunor male a name of an etnhic group
Ildiko female a fierce warrior
Ilona female beautiful, sunshine
Jolan female violet blossom
Kada male
Kadosa male
Kalman male strong and manly
Kaplony male tiger
Kapolcs male
Kardos male swordsman
Karsa male falcon
Kartal male eagle
Keled male
Keleman male gentle, kind
Kemenes male furnace maker
Kende male name of a honor
Kerecsen male falcon
Keve male pebble
Kolos male scholar
Kont male
Krisztina female
Kund male a name of a honor
Laborc male brave panther
Ladomér male trapper
Lantos male lute player
László male might, fame
Lehel male breathes
Lél male bugler
Lipót male brave
Loránd male brave warrior
Lőrinc male Laurentian
Marót male Moravian
Medárd male great, strong
Megyer male Hungarian
Menyhért male royal light
Miksa male similar to God
Milán male kind
Mór male moorish
Nándor male
Nyék male borderlands
Odon male wealthy protector
Odön male keeper of the fief
Oguz male arrow
Ompoly male Ampleumian
Ond male tenth child
Orbán male citydweller, educated man
Orkény male frightening man
Ormos male like a cliff
Ors male man, hero
Oszlár male
Ozor male name of an ethnic group
Ozséb male pious
Ozsvát male deity, might
Patony male
Pázmán male right, man
Pellegrin male pilgrim
Pentele male merciful, lion
Piusz male
Pongor male all might
Radomér male happy, peace
Regő male
Rendor male policeman
Rezső male
Robi male shining with fame
Rókus male
Sandor male helper and defender of mankind
Sebes male fast
Solt male name of an honor
Sólyom male falcon
Soma male a kind of berry
Surány male name of an honor
Szabolcs male
Szalók male
Szemere male small man, demolisher
Szervác male freed
Szescő male serious, strict
Szilárd male
Szólát male
Taksony male well fed, content, merciless, wild
Tarcal male
Tardos male bald
Tarján male name of an honor
Tas male well fed, stone
Tétény male chieftain
Tihamér male likes silence
Titusz male dove, honored
Tivadar male gift of God
Tomaj male name of a clan
Ubul male
Ugod male name of a clan
Ugor male Hungarian
Upor male
Uros male little lord
Uzor male name of an ethnic group
Várkony male name of an Avar ethnic group
Varsŕny male name of an ethnic group
Vayk male rich
Vázsony male
Vidor male happy
Vitéz male brave warrior
Zádor male violent
Zágon male
Zajzon male
Zalán male thrower, hitter
Zámor male plough-land
Zaránd male gold
Zekö male
Zerind male serb
Zétény male
Zigana female gypsy girl
Zizi female dedicated to God
Zoárd male
Zobor male gathering
Zoltán male chieftain
Zombor male buffalo
Zorán male dawn
ZsaZsa female rose, lily
Zsigmond male victorious defender
Zsolt male name of an honor
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